Start Up Costs

Floor Stores offers three new store options, with each option having different start up and ongoing costs. Which option you invest into will depend on a number of factors including how much the upfront costs are that you have budgeted for, the location of the store and how much working capital is required. All costs shown are to open and start trading and are a guide only, and include licence fees, bank guarantee, rental bonds, working capital, store set up costs, initial marketing costs etc.


Upfront Investment $160,000 – $175,000 which includes basic store set up in a B grade location, with no more than a 150m2 showroom with no warehouse attached. Usual location is in a set of strip shops or standalone location perhaps on a secondary main road.



Upfront Investment $225,000 – $250,000 which includes store set up in an A grade location like a homemaker centre. Minimum 250m2 of floor space which may or may not include an onsite warehouse.



Upfront Investment $50,000 – $100,000 which includes basic store set up in your current business location, with displays utilising a minimum 30m2 of your current showroom space.


Compared to other franchise systems, your initial entry cost into the Carpet Call or Solomons Flooring Franchise system is extremely low. This allows franchisees to maintain their capital for other important aspects of the business, like positive cash flow, adequate working capital, local promotion and advertising.

The low start-up costs include:

Other costs/finances will vary depending on which store option is chosen, the location of the store and other fees and charges by third party suppliers/advisors:

Ongoing Costs

At Floor Stores, our model doesn’t rely on ongoing marketing and royalty payments, meaning you can grow your business without having to pay huge royalty fees, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The low on-going costs include: