Solomons Flooring

Floor Stores Franchising

Solomons has a proud history which dates back to 1890, when Nathan Solomon opened the first store in Adelaide, South Australia. By the 1950’s, the company turned our full attention to flooring products.

Solomons have extensive retail networks in all mainland capital cities as well as in many regional centres around Australia, and fully support this with state-based administration and utilising the Carpet Call warehousing facilities.

Solomons is one of the most recognised brands in retailing and our slogan, ‘There’s Magic in a Solomons Floor’ is well known around the country. In 2019, this slogan was updated to ‘There’s magic in a Solomons store!’ to bring the tagline into the 21st century, as we now sell much more than just flooring. Blinds, shutters and curtains are an important part of our product mix giving potential customers even more reasons to visit one of our showrooms.

Solomons continues to expand and develop markets around Australia and can lay claim to being one of the country’s oldest retail brands.

Solomons opened our first franchised store in Perth in the 1970’s. We have grown from this very first franchised store and still have franchisees in our system that have owned their stores for more than 30 years.

In 1996, the Carpet Call group purchased the Solomons Carpets business and successfully merged this 100% wholly franchised business with Carpet Call. Operating as two separate brands, but using the same warehousing and ordering system, both brands have been able to successfully operate in the same space, and in some cases, in the same set of shops, despite the fact that some products are available in both brands. A few years after this, Solomons changed the ‘Carpet’ in our name to ‘Flooring’ to better represent our expanded range of flooring options and being a complete flooring retailer.

Floor Stores Franchising

In 2017, Solomons had a face lift and our new logo was launched, featuring a cheeky Sultan, flying around on his magic carpet.

Solomons prides itself on only offering for sale great quality products that have been extensively researched to ensure they are fit for purpose, especially in the harsh Australian conditions. Our core band of manufacturers from Australia and around the world are industry leaders so our customers know that their new flooring or window furnishings will last for many years to come.